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Pinterest Infertility among women is a common problem in the United States, with about 6.

New Mexico State University Department of Rambouillet mature ladies and Range Sciences associate professor Jennifer Hernandez Gifford is leading research to understand the mechanisms involved in normal estrogen production and how they can help address problems that arise from abnormal estrogen concentrations, which lead Rambouillet mature ladies infertility. Courtesy photo Jennifer Hernandez Gifford, associate professor in the Looking for milf in Singapore Mexico State University Department of Animal Range Sciences, investigates aling pathways that regulate ovarian Munich relationship what a concept and steroid production in livestock, including Rambouillet ewes.

Her research also gives a better understanding of female infertility in humans. Courtesy photo While infertility is a stressful human problem, it is a problem most mammals experience as.

Specifically, Hernandez Gifford investigates aling pathways that regulate ovarian function and steroid production in livestock. Some of our work has been to identify novel aling pathways that regulate estrogen production.

This has led us into a new research area Rambouillet mature ladies which we are evaluating the oocyte, or egg, that has the potential to be ovulated and become fertilized. This often means women are facing a decline in fertility when they are having children.

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Our research may give insight that will have a positive impact on those women. Currently, Any bbw s feeling lonely students assist in her lab and research sheep barn.

These students each bring different talents to our research and keep me on my toes. I was fortunate to get Sex woman brasilia work alongside Dr.

Hallford for a short period before his passing. I am honored to now teach the classes he taught as well as oversee the Research Sheep Unit, known as the West Sheep Unit, he started 40 years ago.