Come and relax in our lounge area. Parents and guests alike enjoy relaxing in our lounge area to read the most current publications, a book, or watch television on our 55” big screen.

Spectators & Parents bring their laptops, books, and work with them to study or make some progress on their current events while their students are performing in a class in our gymnasium.

We have had many clients hold their own private meetings in our lounge area to accomplish their family friendly meeting environment while multi-tasking.

With your own private lounge area that is so comfortable you will have to be careful not to fall asleep it makes the gymnasium experience relative to your own living room.

We welcome everyone to come in and enjoy our facilities that offer students the following:

Private lessons

Gift certificates

Birthday Party’s

Gymnastics – for all ages and skill levels (this is a recreational gymnasium)

Cheerleading – Where you can learn from beginning cheer which is step by step all the way up to level 3 competition team

Martial Arts – Instructing a Korean based system

Group work out sessions

Weight loss – by appointment only