Martial Arts


Welcome to Larry Lake’s Gymnastics.

Our goal at Larry Lake’s Gymnastics is not only to develop our students to his/her full potential; but through our staff – lead EVERY child to his/hers  greatest potential in not only athletics, but also social skills, self-esteem, goal-setting, and problem-solving skills. Larry Lake’s Gymnastics will give the students care and provide a good example to follow as they grow physically and mentally while having fun.


Not all students involved in gymnastics have the desire to be competitive gymnasts. Here at Larry Lake’s Gymnastics, your child will learn the values, training, and fun without the stress of competition. However, many excellent qualities are achieved through gymnastics and these qualities will carry over into the students other daily activities creating lifelong benefits.


Larry Lake’s Gymnastics offers your child the opportunity to attain all these lifelong benefits. We have a staff of dedicated professionals and one of the most modern and fun training facilities in Henderson. Quality staff, excellent equipment, and exceptional facilities compose a winning combination.


Our programs include Preschool classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, from toddlers to adult. We also offer Cheerleading classes, Martial Arts, Zumba Aerobics, seasonal camps. We also host the most fun-tastic birthday parties around and feel free to enjoy a date night out with your spouse and leave the children with us.


Our programs focus on providing a fun, enthusiastic learning experience, in a positive motivational environment.


Larry Lake’s Gymnastics is an all-modern gymnastics facility for girls and boys ages 18 months old to Adults. We pride ourselves on creating a quality learning experience for every child regardless of ability or skill.

5 Reasons your Child should try Gymnastics!

Through learning basic gymnastics skills, a child develops a strong sense of balance, body awareness and coordination.

Gymnastics training is based on learning a progression of skills. As a gymnast moves from easy movements to more complex skills, they develop a sense of accomplishment and a confidence in their abilities.

Goal Setting:
The progressive nature of gymnastics teaches a child the purpose and value of setting goals.

Self Discipline:
Gymnastics is its own best reward. As gymnasts progress, they learn that in order to improve, certain things have to be done a certain way to complete each skill. Children learn very early that discipline can lead them towards the success they desire.

Gymnastics enhances a child’s ability to think logically. In order to progress, a child is taught about organization, and to be focused on the goal at hand.